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Intramural Sports

Soccer As part of our expanding physical fitness program, our physical education teachers have started an intramural sports league for the district!  The first sport selected is indoor soccer.
Participation in this league is a special privilege, and students must exhibit exemplary behavior and responsibility in order to represent their school. Space on each team is limited so all students must adhere to the requirements below.
  • Students must have transportation home after practices and games. If a student isn’t picked up on time more than once, his/her position on the team will be given to another student.
  • Teacher approval required based on citizenship and effort in the classroom.
  • Waiver packet must be completely filled out and turned in on time.
  • Shin guards and indoor soccer shoes are required.
  • Team uniform must be worn at all games.
  • Players must bring their own water bottle for practices and games.
Two games are played on Thursday afternoons throughout the month of February and March.  All games are held offsite at Olympus Sports Coliseum and parents, students, and guests are invited to attend the games.  All participants and spectators are expected to have respectful behavior toward all players, coaches and referees.
Team Information
Below you'll find information on the individual teams, practice times and player names.  Be sure to come out on Thursdays to watch the teams in action!  
Bell Avenue Wildcats
Coach: Joe Kotecki
Practice Dates/Times:
Mondays, 2:30 - 3:30 PM

  1. Cesar Luna
  2. Rosalie Balistreri
  3. Eduar Gutierrez
  4. Gerson Licea
  5. Isaac Marez
  6. Bob Guerroro
  7. Christopher Garcia
  8. Leonardo Aceves
  9. Sergio Garcia
  10. Christian Sandoval
  11. Aliza Hernandez
  12. Amarianna Burress
  13. Raymond Vega
  14. Kongmeng Xiong
  15. Briana Guzman
Glenwood Gators
Coach: Sharon Atkins
Practice Dates/Times:
  1.  Ernesto Alvarez
  2. Anthony Blanco
  3. Maricela Cesena
  4. Manola Boonmak
  5. Omar Castellanos
  6. Angel Bucio Gallego
  7. Mia Guerrero
  8. Jose Hernandez
  9. Steven Ontiveros
  10. Rylin Phaengdouang
  11. Omar Pulido
  12. Natalia Rivadeneyra
  13. Sergio Torres
  14. Ulises Uribe
  15. Raul Villanueva
  16. Trevor Whtlock
Main Avenue Panthers
Coach: Matthew Craine
Practice Dates/Times:
  1. Brandi Barnum
  2. Hailey Rodaer
  3. Amaree Onu
  4. Alexia Cervantez
  5. Leslie Munoz Perez
  6. Xavier Vargas
  7. Selene Luna
  8. Devon Watkins
  9. Nabor Madrigal
  10. Daniel Cua
  11. Malik Walker
  12. Christina Gama
  13. Isabella Darling
Robla Mustangs
Coach: Laurie Morrison
Darren Kaff
Practice Dates/Times:
Tuesdays, 3:15 - 4:30 PM
  1. Alexsandra Colunga
  2. Kelvin Salazar-Rodriguez
  3. Aidan Vang
  4. Allison Murguia
  5. Israel Garcia
  6. Aaron Gonzalez
  7. Victoria Kerez
  8. Timothy Moskvich
  9. Amira Brown
  10. Alan Espindola
  11. Angelina Garling
  12. Xavier Gonzales
  13. Diego Hermosillo
  14. Kylah Jennings
  15. Elias Thornton
  16. William Murphy
Taylor Street Bears
Coach: Jonathan Kaye
Practice Dates /Times:
Fridays, 3:30 - 4:30 PM
  1. Hillary Pacheco
  2. Giancarla Gutierrez
  3. Aurora Orozco
  4. Leann Xiong
  5. Jocelyn Aguirre
  6. Denise Brizuela
  7. Alondra Herrera Gonzalez
  8. Jaylen Joyce
  9. Sesar Cuevas
  10. Erik Torres
  11. Brandon Washington
  12. Jesus Correa
  13. Joel Alonso
  14. Abel Delgado
  15. Raphael Lazaro
Game Photos