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Dual Language Immersion Program

What is Dual Language Immersion (DLI)?

In the DLI classroom, 50% of the students are English speaking and 50% are Spanish speaking. Students work together to learn to speak, read, write and understand one another’s language. Students in Grades K-1 are taught language arts, math, science and social studies primarily in Spanish (80% of instruction). In Grades 2-3, there is a gradual increase in English instruction until a 50:50 balance of English/Spanish instruction is reached in Grade 4 that continues through Grade 6. DLI program teachers are specially credentialed and trained to teach in both English and Spanish.
Spanish speakers build a strong base in Spanish and are more successful as they learn English. English speakers have maximum exposure to Spanish in the primary grades when the brain is most receptive to learning a new language. To fully benefit from the program and meet program goals, students must stay with the program through 6th grade.
Who can apply for the DLI Program?

All students entering kindergarten may apply. The DLI program is hosted at Glenwood School but accepts students from throughout the district. To apply:
  • Register your kindergarten student at your school of attendance in the district
  • Submit a completed one-page DLI Program Application (see form at right)
  • We will contact your to schedule your child for a language assessment
How will applicants be selected to participate?

All applicants will be assessed for language proficiency in English and/or Spanish. This assessment helps us determine if the DLI Program is a good fit for your child. There are a limited number of spaces available and a balance of English and Spanish speakers must be maintained. If there are more applicants in either language group than spaces available, a random drawing will be held to select participants and establish waiting lists.
Priority for spaces in the kindergarten class each year will be given to Robla Preschool DLI students, siblings of DLI students and families living in the Glenwood School attendance area.
How are parents involved?

Parents are valued partners in the DLI program. Parents must:
  • Understand and support the program goals
  • Agree to a K-6 commitment to the DLI Program
  • Agree to participate in program meetings and activities
What are the goals of Dual Language Immersion?

There are three major goals for the program:
  • Bilingualism and biliteracy - the development of high levels of proficiency in both English and Spanish
  • Academic achievement - high levels of academic performance in two languages
  • Multiculturalism - increased understanding of other cultures and ability to successfully participate in a global society
 What are the benefits for my child?
Children in the dual language immersion program have the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate. They learn to speak, read and write in both English and Spanish. Additionally, they are more culturally sensitive and aware.

The earlier a child is introduced to a second language, the greater the chance that the child will become proficient. Bilingual students also perform better than monolingual students on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving.