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About the Department

The Superintendent’s Office is responsible for district oversight, major district initiatives, educational strategies, compliance with state and federal regulations and laws, oversight of instructional leadership, student services, human resources, and business services, and communication of the district’s goals, objectives, and progress with staff, community, and the media.
Communication & Media Requests
To better facilitate communication with parents, the community, and media organizations, the Superintendent's Office is responsible for gathering and sharing news and information related to:
  • The Robla School District and its programs
  • District partnerships, special events, awards and recognitions
  • Collaborations with parents, teachers, educators and administrators, community leaders and elected officials
The Superintendent's Office also manages media relations, publicity, social media, special event planning, and public records requests.
Should you have a request, please contact Shari Malespin, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at (916) 649-5248 x508. 
District Logos
The Robla School District (RSD) name, brand and logo are protected by standard trademark laws that prohibit individuals from using our name and logo without permission, unless the use falls within the boundaries of fair use.
  • The RSD brand is protected by U.S. trademark laws and can only be used with official permission
  • The Superintendent's Office vets all requests to ensure proper and appropriate use of our name/brand and to ensure quality representation of our logo, with regard to color and size for any intended use in print or web treatment.
  • We ensure that individuals and organizations, as well as RSD staff, do not copy, mimic, distort or otherwise compromise RSD's brand identity
  • Fair use or nominative use of the RSD name and logo by media for description and identification is permissible.
  • Fair use of our logo is permitted only under certain circumstances and should not be assumed.
  • Use of the RSD brand or logo in any way that suggests endorsement where none exists will result in a cease and desist order
  • Selling items with the RSD logo without authority to do so is an infringement of trademark.
  • Appropriation of the RSD name, brand or logo for use on competing goods or services or for any use that could cause confusion regarding ownership or endorsement is strictly prohibited.