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Interdistrict Transfer Permit (ITP)

An Interdistrict Transfer is an agreement for students to attend school in a district other than their district of residence. The administration of each district decides whether to approve or deny these requests. THE REVIEW PROCESS BY BOTH DISTRICTS MAY TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS.

How do I transfer my child to a school outside of the Robla School District?

Pick up an Application for Interdistrict Transfer at the Robla School District administration office (5248 Rose Street, Sacramento) or download one below. We accept transfer requests beginning in January for the coming school year. 
Please submit the documents below to begin the review process. 
  • Completed application for interdistrict transfer
  • Current report card including attendance record
  • Discipline records, if applicable
  • Documentation justifying the reason for your request (see the application for a list of required documents)
  • Most recent student IEP or 504 Plan (if the child receives special services).
Submit the transfer application with attachments in person at the district administration office, via fax to (916) 992-0308, or via email to Kayla Jetton at [email protected].

For what reasons may the district approve an interdistrict transfer to leave the district?

  • Childcare – Submit a completed Childcare Affidavit signed by you and your childcare provider and attach proof of the childcare provider's residency in the requested district.
  • Parent Employment - Submit proof of employment such as (1) A signed letter from your employer on letterhead stating your name, physical work address, and work hours or (2) A pay stub showing the work address.
  • Health & Safety – Submit documentation by a physician, school psychologist, or other school personnel.
  • Program Outside of District – Submit a program brochure and your child's letter of acceptance to the program.
  • Proposed Change in Residence - Submit a rental agreement or escrow paperwork showing the new address and planned move-in date.
  • Other – A letter of explanation.

How long will it take for the district to notify me if the transfer was approved or denied?

We generally make a decision and notify families within two weeks of receiving your request. 
If approved - We will call you then forward the transfer to your requested district. Once both districts have approved the transfer, the transfer is valid for up to five years or until the student changes schools.
If denied - We will call you then send you a letter with a copy of the denied transfer and the process for submitting an appeal.

How do I transfer my child from another district into the Robla School District?

Submit an Application for Interdistrict Transfer to the administration of the school district where you reside. Contact them and ask about their process and timelines. If they approve the transfer, they will forward it to us for review. If they deny the transfer, they will notify you. We accept transfer requests beginning in January for the coming school year.

For what reasons may the district deny a request for an interdistrict transfer into the district?

  • Overcrowding in the requested grade level
  • Limited district resources  
  • Unsatisfactory student grades, attendance, or behavior 
  • Other reasonable considerations

Can the district revoke my child's interdistrict transfer once it has been approved?

Yes, for any of the reasons listed below.
  • A pupil does not maintain a 95% attendance rate or SART/SARB has been held
  • A pupil does not maintain satisfactory grades
  • A pupil has a behavior support plan or has committed a suspendable offense
  • A pupil is recommended for expulsion
  • The district determines that information on the application is inaccurate, valid, falsified, or no longer applies.

Intradistrict Transfers (Open Enrollment)

An intradistrict transfer/open enrollment is a transfer that parents/guardians submit when they wish to enroll their student(s) at a school other than the designated school in their attendance area within their district.
Parents/guardians may submit their Open Enrollment requests to their child's current school of attendance beginning May 15 for the following school year. Open Enrollment requests are reviewed by administrators during the first week of August and approved only if space is available at the requested school. Transportation to the transfer school is not guaranteed.