Robla School District

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About the District

District History

The modern day Robla School District started out as the Oak Grove School district organized in the early 1890's and opening on August 11, 1896. There were twelve students. The local resident station and post office were referred to as Robla and therefore caused confusion for residents and potential home buyers as to where the Oak Grove School District was located. To avoid confusion, the District's name was changed to Robla School District on April 14, 1916.

Robla is a derivative of the Spanish word "roble" which means "cluster of British Oak trees". In the early 1900's, the Robla area was inundated with many oak trees, and the name was established.

Today Robla School District has 5 elementary schools, and 1 preschool with a student population of approximately 2,500 students.

District Mission Statement

  • 1.0 The mission of the Robla School District is to provide a safe, caring and peaceful place where every student is enabled to succeed in learning a balanced core curriculum. Strong, effective teaching, meaningful learning activities and partnerships with parents to develop confident, thoughtful and responsible citizens. Citizens, who can read, solve problems, access information and respect diversity so as to work together to communicate ideas in a changing, technological society.

  • 2.0 All students can learn and are empowered toward high achievement to develop skills to work and live successfully in the 21st Century. Our District will provide services to enrich student success at all levels.

  • 3.0 Students not meeting grade-level goals are identified at the earliest sign of difficulty and provided a coordinated plan of effective interventions.

  • 4.0 Robla School District is a central part of our community; where learning occurs in many different ways and at varying rates, while individual’s talents and strengths are encouraged and supported.

  • 5.0 High quality teaching is imperative to students’ learning and is supported with on-going training.

  • 6.0 A variety of materials, resources and technological tools are used to:

    • Access, process, evaluate and present information
    • Facilitate creative process and heighten learning
    • Foster life-long learning

  • 7.0 Every staff member is considered a valued member of a team and works closely in a spirit of excellence, enthusiasm, collaboration and commitment:

    • Helping students feel accepted and secure
    • Clarifying, enriching and providing models for success
    • Encouraging students to think, work hard and develop confidence and responsibility
    • Seeking ways to develop professionally and provide optimum services to students

  • 8.0 Time is provided to establish, implement and evaluate the success of each school’s plan for student growth and achievement and for building of parent-teacher relationships.

  • 9.0 Family-school collaboration is essential. Partnerships are developed among families, schools, businesses, parent groups and the community:

    • Helping to organize and explore strategies to improve schools
    • Plan for the future health and well being of children and families
    • Providing training and information to equip parents to develop and reinforce children’s learning at home and to assist staff in working well with parents

  • 10.0 Students work successfully toward their goals because the social and academic growth of our students are the over arching values of our homes, school and community.

  • 11.0 All members of the Robla learning community are positive role models for our youth, treat each other with value and respect and put “children first”. Leadership activities enable the Robla learning community to unite in bringing our Mission and Vision of Excellence to a reality.