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District Information » Bond Measure K » Bell Ave Elementary Project

Bell Ave Elementary Project

Bell Avenue Elementary is located at 1900 Bell Avenue and is the easternmost school in the District. Facilities on the 10‐acre site were first built in 1948 and the property is bounded by Bell Avenue on the north, Village Circle on the south, Bell Avenue Park on the west, and Pinell Street on the east. The school shares its parcel with Robla Preschool, a District‐owned early education facility on the southeast quadrant of the site.


Previously, the school consists of fourteen (14) permanent classrooms and eight (8) portable classrooms for a total of twenty-two (22) classrooms on campus, as well as multipurpose and administration facilities. The project has been envisioned to provide a 21st Century transformation of the Bell Avenue Elementary site. The desire is to create a campus that looks and feels integrated as a 21st Century school while retaining most of the existing school site.

The Project will consist of two construction phases. Phase 1 comprises of the construction of a two-story building, which will consist of ten (10) general purpose classrooms, each at 960 square feet, as well as a library/media center and new administrative office space, both to consist of approximately 1,350 square feet each. The removal of all eight (8) portable classrooms is required and is considered part of the scope of work. Additional restrooms, storage, circulation, and parking improvements are included in Phase 1.

Phase 2 comprises of the construction of three (3) kindergarten classroom in the northeast corner of campus near the intersection of Bell Avenue and Pinell Street. These classrooms will be 1350 square feet each including storage, prep areas and interior kindergarten restrooms. This will include the demolition of the school’s existing library and three (3) classrooms. New staff restrooms, as well as a kindergarten play structure and area, and circulation improvements will be built into this area of campus. Additionally, this phase will include providing 21st Century upgrades to eight (8) existing permanent classrooms, repurposing administrative spaces and some existing classrooms into support facilities, and demolishing the permanent facilities east of the covered walkway in the two northerly wings.  Re-roofing the two northerly existing classrooms wings, as well as site improvements such as landscaping and walkways, will be included in this scope of work. 

Upon completion, Bell Avenue Elementary will contain a combined total of twenty-one (21) permanent classrooms along with additional administrative and support spaces in support of District specifications for K-6 facilities.