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Bond Measure H

What is Measure “H” and what would it do?
Measure “H” is a $46.2 million general obligation bond measure that will be decided upon by the voters of the Robla School District on November 6, 2018. If approved, Measure “H” will:
  • Reconstruct Robla, Bell, and Taylor schools and modernize Glenwood to be more comparable with the new Main Avenue School
  • Modernize classrooms to provide students with improved learning environments
  • Upgrade lighting, windows, ventilation systems, and support facilities to improve the efficiency of classrooms and remaining buildings and improve student safety and security at all schools
  • Make the District eligible to receive additional State grants for facility improvements
What are General Obligation (G.O.) Bonds?
G.O. bonds fund the construction, modernization, or improvement of school facilities.  Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are repaid over time.
How would the bonds be repaid?
The annual repayment comes from an annual tax on all taxable property within the District's boundaries.  The tax rate for repayment is determined by the assessed valuation of a taxable parcel, not market value.  Assessed valuation is the value placed on real property by the County pursuant to Proposition 13 and is typically much lower than the market value for which a property may be sold.  
How much would it cost?
The proposed measure is estimated to cost $58 per year per $100,000 of assessed valuation.  
What safeguards exist for taxpayers?
An independent citizens’ oversight committee is required to review annual financial and performance audits on all Measure “H” bond expenditures. Proceeds from Measure “H” cannot be used to fund administrator or teacher salaries.  A two-thirds vote of the electorate on the scheduled November 6, 2018 ballot is required for the passage of Measure “H”.
What about other sources of funding?
The District’s general fund is budgeted in large part to cover the annual costs of running our schools, including teacher salaries, and does not account for school repair and construction needs.  State law prohibits the use of lottery funds for the repair or construction of school facilities. The District is applying for State grants, but a local match is required and would be provided by Measure “H”, if approved.
What happens if the proposed measure fails?
The proposed improvements would be delayed and the facilities needs at the schools would continue to escalate with time.  
Who can vote if there is an election?
All registered voters who live within the boundaries of the Robla School District would be eligible to vote on the proposed measure. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 and the last day to register to vote for this election is Monday, October 22. The Sacramento County Registrar of Voters will mail a ballot to all registered voters within the District allowing voters to either vote at the polls on November 6 or to mail their ballots by Election Day.