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The following policies are additional transportation specific policies not covered by the District Board Policies.   
To review/download the transportation policies, please click the links to the right.  
Bus Rules

These bus rules ensure a safe and efficient bus riding experience for the student. Remember, riding the bus is a privilege.

Bus Riders are Required to:
  • Listen to and promptly obey the bus driver
  • Remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion
  • Sit in their seat with their backs against the seat, facing forward, backpacks on laps, keeping the isle of the bus clear of all obstacles. The bus driver may assign designated seats to the students
  • Be courteous to everyone
  • Walk to and from bus stops in an orderly manner without damaging property, disturbing the peace, or endangering themselves or others
  • Identify themselves upon request of the bus driver
  • Be at the bus stop FIVE minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • When waiting to board the bus, the student stay 12 feet away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the door opens to permit entry
  • Never cross the street on which a bus is stopped unless escorted by the bus driver. Students must cross in front of the bus and between it and the driver
  • Promptly leave the bus stop upon exiting the bus
  • Items left or lost on the bus are not the responsibility of the Driver, School or the District
Bus Riders may not:
  • Distract the bus driver
  • Create loud noise
  • Deface or tamper with the bus or the property of others
  • Put their hands, arms, or head out of the bus window
  • Use language or gestures that others might find offensive
  • Eat, drink, chew gum, litter, spit, throw or toss any item inside of or out of the bus
  • Behave in any way which is illegal or dangerous
The Following Items are not Allowed on a School Bus at Anytime:
  • Bringing animals, except for those allowed by law, or insects, plants, skateboards, scooters, baseball bats, basket balls, toys of any kind, electronic game device, or any object or substance which might be dangerous or illegal
Bus Stop Use:
  • State law allows school buses to stop only at 'Bus Stops' designated by the Superintendent 
  • Each student must use the stop assigned to them by the District.
  • Written authorization approved by the school office and the transportation department must be presented to the bus driver before a student may use a different bus stop
  • Students who ride the bus will not cross any major intersections such as Norwood, Main Ave, Rio Linda, Raley Blvd, Marysville, or Dry Creek
  • KINDERGARTNERS/PRESCHOOLERS will only be released into the custody of a parent, guardian, or designated adult
Bus Drivers May Issue a Referral for Failure to Abide by these Rules:
  • A student’s bus riding privilege may be suspended for serious offences or multiple referrals
  • Suspensions will only take place after consultations with the principal, driver, and parent
Transportation Safety Plan
The Robla School District is required to create and maintain a transportation safety plan that includes:
  • Procedures for students to board and exit the school bus safely;
  • Clarifies that the safety plan shall not require the use of an on-board monitor on the school bus in addition to the driver.
  • Provisions for the plan to be retained by the district, and made available upon the request of an officer of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).
  • Authorizes a school bus driver to stop the bus to load or unload pupils without activating the flashing red signal lights and stop signal arm under specified conditions, and after consultation with CHP.
The file listed to the right is a copy of the Transportation Safety Plan, as required by state law.