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Google & Chromebooks

Robla School District uses Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks and other devices throughout the district to support a rich, engaging learning experience. These tools provide access to instructional applications and collaboration resources in a centrally managed, cost effective and secure environment.
At Robla schools, teachers spend more time teaching and less time managing classroom technology. Every student receives a Chromebook and access to the rich, interactive technology available in every Robla classroom. Our teachers, staff and district leadership all work together to identify and implement software, computer hardware and technology tools that foster an engaging and positive learning experience for all Robla students.
Basic Chromebook Care
To ensure you are properly using and maintaining your chromebook, please adhere to the chromebook care guide below.  
  • Carry a Chromebook:
    • with two hands always
    • by the base when the screen is open
  • Do not place other items (such as textbooks) on top of the closed Chromebook 
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (such as paper, pens, pencils, notebooks)
  • Do not lean on top of the Chromebook with body weight -- this includes elbows resting on the Chromebook near the keyboard
  • Do not have food or drink near your Chromebook
  • To clean the screen, usa a soft, dry antistatic, or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid on the Chromebook.
  • Since almost all of student work is stored online (Google Drive), students do not need to use the same Chromebook. Assigning Chromebooks is up to the teacher for his/her own management system.

Connecting a Chromebook to Wi-Fi

While on campus, Wi-Fi is provided to students to access the internet, however when devices are taken home, students must rely on their home internet or other Wi-Fi solutions to connect the devices.  Unlike the district Wi-Fi networks, chromebooks will not automatically connect at your house or other location to the Wi-Fi, so please follow the steps below to connect a chromebook to Wi-Fi.  


For more information on low-cost internet options, Wi-Fi locations, or other online resources, click here.   

Step One: Turn on Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.
  2. In the lower right corner click No network wifi icon.
    Note: If you see "Connected to" and your Wi-Fi network name, your Chromebook is already connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. To turn on Wi-Fi, click the switch.
  4. Your Chromebook will automatically look for available networks and show them to you in a list.

Step Two: Pick a network and connect

  • Connect to an open network

Click the Wi-Fi network Wifi icon.

Remember, your information might be visible to other people on this network.

  • Connect to a secure network
    1. Click the secure Wi-Fi network Secure wifi icon.
    2. Type the network password.
    3. Click Connect.
  • Connect to an unlisted network

Administrators may hide networks so only certain people can use them. To connect to an unlisted network:

    1. Click Join other network Unlisted wifi icon.
    2. Enter the network information in the box that appears.
    3. Click Connect.

Information for this network is automatically saved so you can connect automatically later.

Student Accounts
All students in the Robla School District will be provided with a Robla School District Google Apps for Education Account, which includes access to a variety of Google tools for learning and work, as well as their own email account. 
Please see the Acceptable Use Policy and the District's Digital Citizenship Policies for more information on restrictions and student expectations.  

Just like many adults, students may likely already have one or more personal accounts and email addresses. Their school district account is designed to be a separate account used for school work and communication related to school business.

Robla School District Student Accounts provides the following:
  • a school district email (Gmail) account
  • Google Drive (unlimited storage for assignments, presentations, etc.)
  • Google Docs (for word processing)
  • Google Slides (for presentations, like Powerpoint)
  • Google Calendar (to help organize a student’s “work life” and assignments, due dates, meetings, etc.)
  • Google Sheets (for spreadsheets, like excel)
  • Additional Apps linked by Robla School District to student accounts based on their grade, class and curriculum
Chromebook FAQs
To assist parents and students to resolve issues with accessing their student accounts, troubleshoot equipment issues, and other assistance, please check out the frequently asked questions below.
How can I access my account?  (Password resets)
For password resets to access your student google account and/or Clever, please contact your classroom teacher, they can provide you with your existing user name and reset your password.  
How do you keep my Chromebook safe?  
All Chromebooks utilize a content filter to restrict and monitor student access to online resources. Attempts to access inappropriate content are blocked and logged. Student chromebooks are set to go into a 'Sleep Mode' at 10 PM every night and deactivate at 6 AM to encourage our students to get a full night's sleep.  
I have a damaged chromebook, can I get it fixed/replaced?
Reach out to your classroom teacher or school office to report a damaged Chromebook.