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Google & Chromebooks

Google for EducationIn 2014 the Robla School District started utilizing Googe Apps for Education, Chromebooks and other chrome devices throughout the district.  Chromebooks give students, teachers, and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. Chromebooks provide access to the web’s education and collaboration resources, as well as offer centralized management and low total cost of ownership.
Using Chromebooks, teachers spend more time teaching and less time managing classroom technology, and schools can deploy more computers into the hands of their students and teachers.  For more information about chromebooks, check out the guide below.  
Basic Chromebook Care
To ensure you are proprely using and maintaining your chromebook, please adhere to the chromebook care guide below.  
  • Carry a Chromebook:
    • with two hands always
    • by the base when the screen is open
  • Do not place other items (such as textbooks) on top of the closed Chromebook 
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (such as paper, pens, pencils, notebooks)
  • Do not lean on top of the Chromebook with body weight -- this includes elbows resting on the Chromebook near the keyboard
  • Do not have food or drink near your Chromebook
  • To clean the screen, usa a soft, dry antistatic, or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid on the Chromebook.
  • Students should use the Chromebooks in the classroom and return to the cart when finished
  • Since almost all of student work is stored online (Google Drive), students do not need to use the same Chromebook. Assigning Chromebooks is up to the teacher for his/her own management system.
During the school day:
When a Chromebook is fully charged, it will last 8 hours of constant use. It would be rare for students to use a Chromebook for a constant 8 hours. Therefore, even if a Chromebook or a cart did not get a full charge overnight, Chromebooks should still have enough power to last another school day or two.  It is not necessary to charge the cart constantly. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to place the cart in a location that allows for easy access to devices and not be restricted to a wall outlet. 
On the occasion that one Chromebook did not fully charge, simply give the student a different device to use.
At the end of the day: ​
  • Make sure all Chromebooks are in the correct slot and plugged into each power cord.
  • Plug the cart into wall outlet to allow all Chromebooks to power up overnight.
Chromebook with a Problem?
When you have a problem with a Chromebook, it is very important that you turn the chromebook into your school front office as soon as possible. 
In each school office is a tech tub to place any damaged or broken chromebooks.  Please fill out a slip explaining the issue you are having with the device and place it in the tub along with the chromebook.  Tech tubs are checked daily by Courier Services and the devices will be turned over to the Technology Department for repair or replacement. Once the device has been fixed, it will be returned to it's charging cart in the classroom.  
If you are experiencing wiring or power issues with the chromebook cart, or having issues affecting multiple devices, please put in a ticket through School Dude.  
Student Accounts
All students in the Robla School District will be provided with an Robla School District Google Apps for Education Account, which includes access to a variety of Google tools for learning and work, as well as their own email account.  In addition, Google integrates with the district's Student Information System, Illuminate, through the Home Connection Portal.  Student accounts are created and maintained by their classroom teachers and are used to administer assessments, communicate with other students and teachers, and work on various assignments.

Please see the Acceptable Use Policy and the District's Digital Citizenship Policies for more information on restrictions and student expectations.  

Just like many adults, students may likely already have one or more personal accounts and email addresses. Their school district account is designed to be a separate account used for school work and communication related to school business.

Robla School District Student Accounts provides the following:
  • a school district email (Gmail) account
  • Google Drive (unlimited storage for assignments, presentations, etc.)
  • Google Docs (for word processing)
  • Google Slides (for presentations, like Powerpoint)
  • Google Calendar (to help organize a student’s “work life” and assignments, due dates, meetings, etc.)
  • Google Sheets (for spreadsheets, like excel)
  • Dozens of other Google Apps. and Extensions to add to the account through the Chrome Webstore
Google Cheat Sheets
These Google cheat sheets will help new and experienced users learn how to use and understand the various Google Applications.
Google Docs