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District Programs & Initiatives » District Wellness » Meet Robla's Wellness Team

Meet Robla's Wellness Team

Robla School District's Wellness Team is a group of highly qualified, compassionate, supportive and resourceful staff members who can help with students' physical, mental, and emotional needs.  Please contact them if you have any questions or need any help locating community resources for your family.

Special Services


Janet Horowitz
Director of Special Services
Email Janet Horowitz
Phone:(916) 649-5248

Kelly Pemberton
Program Specialist
Email Kelly Pemberton
Phone: (916) 922-3957 x511

District Psychologists
Angelica Rodriguez
Email Angelica Rodriguez
Phone:(916) 922-3957 x606
Jeanice Tran
Email Jeanice Tran
Phone:(916) 922-3957 x606
Social Workers

Evelina Rivas

Taylor Street Elementary School: Monday/Tuesday
Robla Elementary School:  Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
Email Evelina Rivas
Cell:  916-229-2536

Elisa Olmo
Glenwood Elementary School:  Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday AM
Main Avenue Elementary School:  Thursday/Friday and Wednesday PM
Email Elisa Olmo
Cell:  916-823-0422

Danielle Hatch
Bell Avenue Elementary School: Monday/Tuesday 
Robla Preschool:  Thursday/Friday
Email Danielle Hatch
Cell: 916-243-8955

Health Services

Jennifer Melvin, LVN
District Nurse
Email Jennifer Melvin
Phone: (916) 649-5248

Michele Penman, RN
School Nurse
Email Michele Penman
Phone: (916) 649-5248

Homeless Services

Magie Gomez
Community Outreach Assistant
Email Magie Gomez
Phone: (916) 649-5248 x543

Food & Nutrition Services

Erica Lee
Director of Food & Nutrition Services
Email Erica Lee
Phone: (916) 649-5248