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Bell Ave. students win SEVA award for video production

Bell Avenue student SEVA award winners
The Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium recently celebrated the SEVA (Student Educational Video Awards) Finalist Week. 

Robla had three entries from its 4-6 grade students at Bell Ave:

Creative Expression-"Optimism":

Optimism" won the "Defining 2021" award (it was awarded to: Polina Stetskenko--not in the photo, Jorja Her, and Pau Her)
Public Service Announcement-"Water":

School Newscast-"Tiger News 12/13/21 Edition":

Johnny, a 5th grade student from Bell Avenue Elementary, was the ultimate host for the Instructional category entries, and announced each entry with the poise and polish of veteran awards show hosts!

Students pictured are:
Jacob Pacheco-Herrera (2nd grade)
Johnny Pacheco-Herrera (Host with the most!)
Jorja Her (winner of Defining 2021 award for Optimism) - 5th Grade
Pau Her (winner of Defining 2021 award for Optimism) - 6th Grade

Teachers pictured are:
Bell Avenue's Maya Genis, (Technology Enrichment teacher)
, Mr. Weeks and Ms. Christmas (5th grade teachers of the nominees and our student host)

We are so proud of our students and their teachers for producing such wonderful videos!