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District Programs & Initiatives » Student Wellness Initiatives » Farm-to-School Student Field Trips

Farm-to-School Student Field Trips


Farm-to-School Student Field Trips

Each grade-level field trip is designed to strengthen the connection students have with fresh, healthy food and deepen their understanding of food systems and local agriculture. Below is a short description of each farm-to-school food and nutrition field trip. 


TK/Kinder: School Cafeteria Tour

School Cafeteria/Kitchen

30-minute field trip led by Cafeteria Manager & Food Service Director (1 class per field trip)

Students will tour their school cafeteria to learn how and where school lunches are prepared, understand how school food incorporates the five food groups, and participate in a short nutrition lesson. Tour will end with students helping to prepare a healthy snack.


1st grade: Fiery Ginger Farm

West Sacramento, Ca

2-hour field trip led by farmers Shayne and Hope (2 classes per field trip)

Students visiting Fiery Ginger's urban farm site will learn all about sustainable food production while participating in actual farm tasks that include planting and harvesting fresh produce, caring for their chickens, and observing a live beekeeping demonstration. To help strengthen farm-to-school connections, Robla’s Food Services Department will be sourcing lettuce from Fiery Ginger Farm for all school salad bars this year. Students visiting the farm will be able to assist with lettuce seed planting and know that the seeds they plant may end up on their lunch tray at school.


2nd grade: Grocery Store Tour

Viva Supermarket

1-hr field trip led by SacState Dietetic Interns & Student Wellness Coordinator (1 class per field trip)

Students will visit Viva Supermarket to tour all departments of the grocery store. There students will gain hands on experience making healthy food choices throughout the grocery store. Store tours will be led by dietetic interns from Sacramento State University utilizing a kid-friendly pirate themed workbook that includes an "I Spy” activity to find different fruit and vegetable “treasures” at the grocery store. Children will explore the benefits of eating foods from all five food groups, understand how eating seasonally can help foods taste better and cost less, and prepare their own healthy snack they can replicate at home.


3rd grade: Farm Garden in a Wheelbarrow

In-class activity-supplies are distributed in February

1 wheelbarrow per class, 2-3 classes per field trip to County Fair’s Agricultural Exhibit

The Farm Garden in a Wheelbarrow is an educational program offered through the Sacramento County Fair designed to educate young children about the importance of agriculture, where their food comes from and how it grows. Each 3rd grade classroom will receive a planting schedule, wheelbarrow, soil, and seeds. Each classroom will be responsible for taking care of their garden and create a tri-fold display about the wheelbarrow garden project that classrooms will enter into the County Fair’s Ag exhibit competition.


4th grade: Farmers’ Market Field Trip

South Sacramento Farmers’ Market

1-hr field trip led by Market Manager Renee Best (2 classes per field trip)

In partnership with Sacramento Certified Farmers’ Markets, 4th grade students will visit a year-round farmers’ market and break into teams to complete worksheets provided by the market manager. These sheets teach seasons according to nature's calendar, the nutritional value of foods, and the geographical locations of foods grown in California. Students will earn tokens for completing their worksheets correctly and tokens are used to shop for fruits and vegetables at the market.


5th grade: GEO Garden and Cooking Tour

Grant High School

4-hour field trip led by student garden mentors and Chef Brenda Ruiz (1 class per field trip)

The garden is an ideal learning laboratory for students to participate in hands-on activities that directly connect to next generation science standards. Students visiting the GEO garden at Grant High School will learn about native plants, nutrient cycling, plant biology, and composting. Inside the teaching kitchen students will learn knife-skills, an array of culinary terms, and the nutritional benefits of the produce and raw proteins they’ll be working with. In supervised teams, students will use knives and gas stove tops to prepare their own healthy recipe and eat lunch together as a class.



6th grade: Jr. Chef Cooking Assemblies

School cafeteria

1-hr field trip led by Chef Brenda Ruiz (2 classes per assembly)

Jr. Chef cooking assemblies will provide 6th grade students with hands-on cooking experiences designed to equip students with culinary knowledge, cooking skills and confidence in the ability to prepare fresh and healthy meals. The assemblies are delivered over two separate sessions and are set up to allow students to rotate through multiple stations learning every cooking step the recipe addresses. Each session focuses on increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, recipe preparation, proper use of kitchen tools and equipment and food safety.