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AAPI Month Employee Spotlight: Anne Mafi

Anne Mafi is our esteemed Staff Secretary in Special Education. Anne has dedicated seven years to the Robla School District, beginning her journey at Glenwood Elementary and now serving at the district office.


Celebrating Tongan Heritage

Anne is profoundly connected to her Tongan roots, embracing values that define her community: respect (Faka'apa'apa), humility (Loto To), loyalty (Tauhi Vaha'a), and an unwavering focus on family (Famili). Coming from a small yet mighty island, Anne is passionate about highlighting the richness and diversity of the AANHPI communities in America, ensuring that these vibrant cultures are recognized and appreciated.


Culinary Expressions

One of Anne’s favorite aspects of her culture is its culinary tradition. She loves preparing and sharing "LU," a traditional Tongan dish made of taro leaves wrapped around corned beef, enriched with onions and coconut milk. This dish is not only a taste of home for Anne but also a delicious introduction to Tongan cuisine for her colleagues.


Deep Community Ties

Anne's connection to the Robla community runs deep. She is a former student of Glenwood Elementary, giving her a unique perspective on the community's evolution and allowing her to reconnect with many familiar faces. Her journey from student to staff member highlights her deep commitment to the district and its families.


Sharing Heritage

Anne takes pride in sharing her heritage through the food she brings to work, using these occasions as opportunities to educate and connect with her colleagues on a more personal level.

We celebrate Anne Mafi for her dedication and for enriching our school district with the unique and vibrant culture of Tonga. Her contributions help make Robla a more inclusive and culturally aware community. Join us in honoring Anne and the diverse traditions she brings to our district.


At Robla School District, we recognize the importance of such cultural expressions and the value they add to our educational environment. We are committed to celebrating and learning from the diverse experiences of all our community members, not just during AAPI Heritage Month, but throughout the year.