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AAPI Month Employee Spotlight: Lina Tran

Honoring Lina Tran: Celebrating AAPI Heritage at Robla School District

We are delighted to spotlight Lina Tran, the Assistant Principal at Glenwood Elementary, as we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Lina has been an integral part of the Robla School District for over ten years, beginning her journey as a student-teacher and progressively taking on roles that have had a profound impact across our district, culminating in her current position as Assistant Principal.
Lina's heritage, a blend of Vietnamese and Cambodian, is central to her identity, shaped by the enduring values and resilience of her parents who immigrated to America in the 1980s. Her connection to the vibrant Vietnamese community in South Sacramento/Elk Grove reinforces her sense of belonging to something greater than herself.

Culinary traditions play a vital role in connecting Lina to her roots. Her favorite dish is Thịt Kho Trứng, a savory Vietnamese braised pork with eggs, which represents the essence of comfort food for her. The Lunar New Year, or Tết, is especially meaningful for Lina, featuring family reunions, traditional games, and the festive giving of red envelopes, known as li xi.
At Robla, Lina appreciates the district's close-knit, welcoming, and supportive environment, which mirrors the communal values she holds dear. She actively celebrates her heritage by sharing her personal stories and embracing authenticity in her daily interactions and leadership, thereby enhancing the cultural richness of our school community.

We honor Lina Tran for her dedication to education and the unique cultural perspective she brings to the Robla School District. Her story is just one of many that illustrate the diverse identities and traditions that enrich our community during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and beyond.