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Robla Pride: Ken Barnes, Robla Board of Education Trustee

Ken Barnes is driven by a profound commitment to the Robla community, having served over 12 years on the Board and an additional four years on the Taylor Street Site Council. His journey within the district began with a personal motive—to be involved in his children’s education. It quickly evolved into a broader mission to support and enhance the educational experience for all students within the district.

Ken credits his deep-rooted Robla pride to the exceptional growth and development he witnessed in his own children, attributes he sees fostered in all students here. His decision to join the Robla Board of Education was reinforced by his admiration for the community’s dedication to nurturing potential in every child. Ken remains an integral part of our leadership, passionately advocating for programs and initiatives that help our students excel.

At the core of his job, Ken values the opportunity to make significant decisions that positively impact the students’ educational and personal growth. Whether it's navigating through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, enhancing classroom technologies, or securing vital infrastructure funding, Ken’s contributions are always aimed at advancing the district's capabilities to support our students.

Ken is often described as a natural encourager. He takes great pride in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our team members, often highlighting how each individual’s contributions fortify the strength and success of our district.

One of Ken’s most defining moments as Board president was his swift action during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. His leadership was crucial in ensuring that every student had access to necessary technology, internet connectivity, and meals—demonstrating our district's commitment to student welfare under any circumstances.

Ken believes that the uniqueness of Robla lies in its close-knit community. Our schools and preschool are interconnected, fostering a familial environment where everyone’s strengths are recognized and utilized efficiently. This strong sense of community and teamwork makes Robla a special place to learn and grow.

Join us in applauding Ken Barnes for his unwavering dedication and impactful leadership in the Robla School District. His efforts continue to make our community a beacon of educational excellence and student success.