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Robla Pride: Pasepa Victorian, 4th Grade Teacher, Taylor Street Elementary

Welcome to our Robla Pride Spotlight! This week, we are thrilled to feature Pasepa Victorian, nee Pasepa Tuiileila, who shines as a 4th Grade Teacher at Taylor Elementary. Pasepa's journey with Robla started in her childhood, attending Glenwood Elementary from kindergarten to 6th grade, where she developed lifelong friendships and a deep sense of belonging.

Pasepa embodies the spirit of Robla Pride, drawing strength and inspiration from her experiences in our diverse and nurturing community. Now, she's making a difference in her first year at the Robla School District, building on her previous role as a student teacher.

Her return to Robla was a heartfelt decision, fueled by the desire to give back to the community that played a pivotal role in her upbringing. Pasepa and her husband recently cemented their commitment to Robla by purchasing their first home here, reinforcing their bond with the community.

Pasepa's work in the district is more than a job; it's a continuation of her life's journey. As a first-generation American with immigrant parents, she aspires to be a role model for students, showing them that they can achieve great things regardless of their background. Her favorite aspect of teaching is seeing her students flourish and embody their fullest potential.

Inspiration flows naturally for Pasepa as she leads by example, showcasing the value of authenticity in fostering a strong community identity. Her experiences in Robla have been immensely rewarding, surrounded by supportive colleagues and enriching her teaching approach to cater to the diverse needs of her students.

Robla stands out for its close-knit, supportive community, fostering unique relationships among community members and students alike. Join us in celebrating Pasepa Victorian, a true product of the Robla community, whose dedication and love for her roots shine through in her work and life.