President's Day/Lincoln's Birthday - No School

All schools within the Robla School District will be closed on Friday February 12th and Monday February 15th in honor of Lincoln's Birthday and President's Day.  School will resume on Tuesday February 16th. 

We hope everyone has a nice four-day weekend. 

California Healthy Kids Survey

Healthy kids survey

This anonymous and voluntary survey is brief, but provides valuable information to Robla School District for addressing student needs for learning and well-being; improved school safety, learning and teaching conditions; and ultimately, improving school attendance, academic performance, and graduation.

Students, parents and staff confidentially share thoughts and concerns about the school and environment in a way that is helpful. The schools and district are not being rated based on the survey information, but will report back the results to the school-community and involve you in the process of meeting the needs communicated in the surveys.

  • Participation is voluntary; students require parent permission.
  • The surveys are completely anonymous; names are not recorded or attached to surveys.
  • You may answer only the questions you choose to answer on the survey.

Student surveys may be viewed by parents by clicking on the link in the box on the right side of the page labeled CHKS student bilingual. Staff and Parents may click on the CHKS school site links next to the school where your child attends or where you work to take the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to make a positive difference!

Student Survey Link

(For 5th and 6th Grade Students Only) Teachers will administer the Student Surveys, February 1-5, 2016 at your child’s school. Parents may view the student survey by clicking on the link below.         


LCAP Update 11-15-page-001

Fall 2015 - LCAP Update (pdf)

To view the complete Robla School District LCAP document click here.

Board Meeting - February 11, 2016

 The Robla School District will be holding a School Board Meeting on Thursday February 11th starting at 6:30 PM at the Robla School District Board Room.   For additional information, please contact the Robla School District Office at (916) 991-1728.

To view the board agenda, please click here.

Parent Portal

IlluminateFor parents of students that attend schools within Robla School District, you can now access information about your child’s progress in school by using the Illuminate Parent Portal.  You will need an access code.  Once you have one, you can monitor your child’s grades, assignments and attendance by logging in from any computer.  You must have an email address to use the system.  Even if you did not attend one of our Parent Portal training sessions, you can still get this important information from your child’s teacher.  Simply contact your child’s school office.  They can give you your access code and directions for logging into the Parent Portal.  If you have questions, speak to your child’s teacher, or your school principal.

We hope you will find this new service useful.  We want all parents to take an active role in their child’s education.  The Parent Portal can be a useful tool to help you stay aware of what is happening at school.  To access the parent portal, click here

Instructions for accessing the Parent Portal:


Robla School District
5248 Rose Street
Sacramento, CA  95838
(916) 991-1728

Bond Measure K

To find out the latest information on Robla's Bond Measure K, please click here.