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History & Beginning

The Robla Union gets it's name from the Sacramento Union Newspaper.  The Sacramento Union was a daily newspaper running from 1851 through 1994.  Throughout it's run, and around the time of Robla School District's renaming (1916), the newspaper ran community sections that kept the community up-to-date on current events and affairs throughout the area. These included stories on social and church group events and activities and updates from schools.  
Mr. Crongeyer working with aspiring journalists While researching the district's history, Director of Technology, Adam VeVea found an extensive collection of news articles in the Sacramento Union archives, as well as other newspapers on Robla School (as the district was known at the time).  What surprised him was that many of the articles were written by students.  Articles ranged from updates on activities and extended absences, to poems and stories about the various seasons or holidays.  
As a way to bring that part of history back to the district, Mr. VeVea approached Mr. Crongeyer, Taylor Street GATE Teacher and District ELA Guru with the idea of starting a journalism club as a way to provide students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills.  
And Thus It Began!
The Robla Union started in the Fall of 2017 as a collaborative effort between Taylor Street GATE Teacher, Bob Crongeyer, and Director of Technology, Adam VeVea.  The Robla Union is a pilot journalism club currently at Taylor Street Elementary School.  
The objectives of the Robla Union are:
  • Provide students an opportunity to learn journalism writing skills and develop stories for possible use by the Robla School District social media team.
  • Engage the community, students, staff, and parents with student perspectives, ideas, and thoughts!
The club has 8 student reporters meeting once a week after school on Thursdays to discuss story ideas, write up articles, and discuss writing techniques and styles.  Taylor Street students that are interested in participating in the club, please speak with Mr. Crongeyer.  For students at other schools, this is currently a pilot program, but we will be looking to expand to other schools should the program be a success. 
Stay tuned for more info!