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Harvest of the Month

The Harvest of the Month is a program run through the Food Services department that brings fresh fruits and vegetables to the students of the Robla School District. Each month, staff prepare the months harvest in new and exciting recipes to introduce the students to the fruit or vegetable, or try them in new, interesting ways.  
The Food Service department staff regularly survey students to get their feedback on the vegetables and recipes used throughout the district to help adjust menus and offerings.  
For more information about the fruits and vegetables offered as part of the Harvest of the Month, check out the PDFs in our publication section here.
Harvest of the Month
November's Beets 
       Likes                         Dislikes
                                  Bell                                220                              230
                                  Glenwood                     163                              267
                                  Main                              152                               63
                                  Preschool                       40                              101
                                  Robla                              28                               244
                                  Taylor                            113                              207