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Re-Opening Schools

A Message from the Superintendent
Education Tree
To All Members of the Robla School District Community,
As we all know, the world turned upside down when the COVID-19 struck last spring. So many aspects of our lives have changed dramatically. When Robla School District schools closed on March 13, 2020 along with all other schools in Sacramento County and throughout the state of California, no one believed that they would stay closed for so long.
During the school closure, we created the Robla School District Distance Learning system. Robla teachers provided lessons to students in all grades each school day to keep students learning until the end of the school year. This allowed students to stay safe in their homes, protected from COVID-19, while learning the concepts they needed to learn in their current grade. Distance learning was a difficult adjustment for many students, parents and teachers, but we learned some important lessons about what works well and what doesn’t work so well.
Now, the start of the 2020-2021 school year is approaching. The situation has changed. Health experts are allowing schools to reopen, but they are required to follow strict guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep students and staff safe from infection. Robla School District staff has spent many weeks over the summer creating the guideline document you are now reading. Administrators and staff at all levels worked collaboratively to create procedures that follow all recommendations made by health experts, and we are confident that we can keep everyone safe if we follow them.
Parents will have two choices when the new school year starts. They can send their child to school two days a week to participate in our Transition model. This model was developed to help us move from a total Distance Learning model to a model where students are at school part of the time. Students in all grades will come to school two days a week, and participate in distance learning the other three days.
The second choice will be to keep their children at home for full time Distance Learning. Robla will have teachers dedicated exclusively to the students who will be learning at home. These students will not come to school at all, but will do all of their learning at home.
Robla School District is unable to offer a model that allows students to come to school. Health guidelines require that students be kept a safe distance from others. The only way this can be done is to allow only half of our students to come to school each day – this is our Transition model.
We ask everyone, all Robla staff members and all Robla parents to read this document carefully. If you do so, you will understand what school will be like when we begin the new school year on August 19. You will also see that we have taken great care to plan every detail of how we will function at school and keep everyone safe throughout the school day. There will be training for staff with all of our new procedures at the start of the school year. The first few days of school will be spent training students with our new procedures as well. Parents will be contacted before the first day of school and you will be asked if you will send your children to school to participate in the Transition model two days a week or if you will keep your children home for Distance Learning. Your answer will allow us to plan for providing an adequate number of teachers in each model.
These models will remain in place until authorities tell us when it is safe to return to a normal school day. Of course, we do not know when that will be. We must all remain hopeful that science and medicine will find a way to bring COVID-19 to an end soon.

Ruben Reyes
Superintendent, Robla School District