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Offline Educational Resources

Daily Writing
  • Start a journal in which you record your feelings and thoughts daily
  • Write rich descriptive paragraphs based on observations of daily life during this unique time
  • Write a short story to read to your younger brothers and sisters
  • Write song lyrics
Daily Reading
  • Students can maintain their reading skills through
  • Family Book Club
  • Reading novels
  • Reading the newspaper daily
  • Reading graphic novels/comic books
Physical Education
  • Daily Yoga & Stretching
  • Go (Remember Social Distancing Guidelines)
    • For a walk
    • On a bike ride
    • For a hike
  • Follow a televised exercise program

Non-Technology Enrichment Suggestions

  • Family Reading Time (Please read to your children, but especially to the ones who can not yet read for themselves)
  • Daily Art/Crafts
  • Daily Reading 
  • Daily Math Facts
  • Play cards, dominos or play games that require counting
  • Go on a scavenger Hunt in your house
  • Create an obstacle course in your hallway, front room, back yard, etc.
  • Make a paper plane, paper boat, etc.  
  • Paper Bags or Sock puppet show
  • Put puzzles together
  • Cook with help from an adult
  • Build a Fort, tent, reading cave 
  • Build with LEGO bricks 
  • Make Playdough 
  • Indoor/outdoor Hopscotch 
  • Play Simon Says, I Spy, Charades, Hot Potato, Hide & Seek, Bingo, Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, etc. 
  • Sing
  • Indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Inventory all the plants and wildlife (bugs on up) in your yard 
  • Write letters to family members and send in the mail
  • Races of various kinds in the yard (crab walk, running, obstacle courses)
  • Make friendship bracelets 
  • Draw a picture and turn it into a puzzle, challenge-have another family member try to assemble it
  • Catch bugs and observe them- write and draw what they do
  • Write a short story and illustrate it
  • Play board games, card games and dice
  • Make a pet rock
  • Clean and organize, and make a donation box
  • Draw self portraits, and portraits of other family members
  • Rainbow color hunt
  • Build a nest, bird watch, write down observations, draw the bird
  • Tree/Leaf Rubbings, Paint with nature, Nature sensory bins
  • Build robots with recyclables
  • Kitchen Chemistry (make slime, Vinegar and baking soda experiment)
  • Create a “thankful jar”