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Thank you for entrusting your children to our teaching and care! Your children are the hope of tomorrow and we strive to help them become confident and eager learners. Our school is an active learning community with reflects the diversity of Sacramento and is dedicated to preparing your children for their elementary school years...and beyond!

We teach students to use their words to express themselves, solve problems and gain information. We believe that children are capable of making excellent decisions about work and play, when they are given attention and the necessary practice.

Our teaching staff is of the highest quality and is dedicated to providing your child with a quality preschool program. These professionals consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of our students. Robla Preschool staff members are committed to excellence-at school and in their profession. They know the importance of your child’s first school experience and the partnership we have with our students’ parents.

Community is very important to us and we encourage and invite you to participate as often as you can in our daily activities. Your teacher always has a project or activity that needs a special parent’s touch!

At the Robla Preschool, we honor each child’s uniqueness. We are a diverse yet tightly knit community that knows how important it is to have a sense of confidence when helping children understand their differences and most important their similarities: “Some friends do, and some friends don’t.” This helps children understand that differences in appearances, abilities beliefs and customs should never be a threat but an opportunity to learn and appreciate each other.

This will be a wonderful year for all of us! We invite and encourage you to be in the classroom often, observing and assisting. Please don't hesitate to call or visit with us about any concern, suggestion or wish regarding our school and students.


Laura Lystrup
Early Childhood & Special Education Programs

Robla Preschool | 4351 Pinell Street | Sacramento, CA. 95838 | (916) 927-0136