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Welcome to Glenwood, Home of the Gators!

We are looking forward to working with you and your child. Glenwood School has an exceptional staff of classroom teachers, instructional assistants, and support staff who are well-trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated to teaching. We endeavor to provide a positive, safe learning environment serving the educational, emotional, and social needs of our students. We are committed to excellence in your child's education and social development. We welcome and encourage you to talk often with your child's teacher about his/her progress and how you can be involved.

Our school has activities to build school spirit, acknowledge academic accomplishments, and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences each child brings to school. We invite you to become a part of these activities. It is your continual involvement and support of Glenwood School that strengthen the success of each child.

Please call if you have questions about our school program. Our office is open to you. Our goal is to establish and maintain strong, positive relationships with our families. We would appreciate you becoming a volunteer parent and participating regularly in our school. Your participation is valued by our students and staff.

Sarah Neuhaus
Principal, Glenwood Elementary School
(916) 922-2767


Main Events

catseyegreen 17: First Day of School
catseyegreen 20: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 27: Early Out Thursday

catseyegreen 03: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 03: 6:00 PM - Back to School Night
catseyegreen 04: 12:38 PM - Minimum Day
catseyegreen 07: Labor Day - No School
catseyegreen 10: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 17: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 24: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 28: Mid-Trimester

catseyegreen 01: 5:30 PM - District Parent Empowerment Dinner @ Main Avenue
catseyegreen 01: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 06: Mid-Trimester Reports Go Home
catseyegreen 08: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 09: 12:38 PM - Minimum Day
catseyegreen 12-16: Fall Break - No School
catseyegreen 22: Early Out Thursday
catseyegreen 29: Early Out Thursday



Fat Cat Cookie Dough and Scones Fundraiser!

This year Glenwood Students will be selling Fat Cat Cookie Dough and Scones. These are tubs of scoop and bake dough made with all natural ingredients. There are three scone flavors and six cookie dough flavors. Each tub sells for $15.00.

The school will earn 45% of the sales made with these funds going towards fieldtrips, assemblies, and rewards. The fundraiser begins on Monday, September 21st.

For more information, check out the documents below.